Cozy weekend and Park tour

As I mention that, there are many of difference in a way of having a weekend time between  South Korea and UK. Now a days, culture of South Korea also imitated from the western one. So many parents go out with their children and pets but it is hard to enjoy themselves. In here, I saw many kinds of activities that playing each other and resting on the benches. Interest thing is that Korean people focused on the picture of enjoy time but many people in here less taking picture than Korean and do more thing actual activities with their children or pets.


IMG_6319This Eaton Park is closer to UEA(University of East Anglia)



In my view, these difference depend on the rapidly economic growth after world war II and independent from colony of Imperial Japan. Many people wonder about the economic growth of South Korea and I also admire the effort of our parents generation but nowadays, these rapidly growth also have negative effect to our family life. Due to more richer life, our life scale is more abundant and fulfilment but many Korean people have question that ‘what is a good life?’ or  ‘what is the meaning of individual life rather than too much obligation to state or office man?’.


I hope we have more acquiring ‘better life’ but do not follow too much economical achievement or be a rich people who do not concern what is the meaning of life.


UM… I’m also one of Korea, it means that there are many pictures rather than doing many kinds of activities.

HA… Sorry that.


Notice Board : Politics of Representation?


Many people have their unique habits and these habits are became one of the culture. Among them, representing something is one of the primitive instinct about human being.  Maybe, as we known that the first pre-history cave painting, what a representation means the contents of various discourse.

Today, I just walk around my camps for buying something that tea bag and drinking things. Along with this way, I saw something interesting notice board about ‘brexit’. It is the senstive thing to say for foreigner. However, I’ve living here and the effect of after circumstance of brexit also have a huge meaning to me. In this reason, I have interest in these context of ‘brexit’.



At fist glance, I confused a little bit because of the discourse of connection ‘brexit’ to ‘solidarity of union’. I also saw the news report in South Korea that approval mention through progressive news paper editor. In my position, I have a reciprocitiy understand about world politics and world economy. More specifically saying, my position is closer idealism rather than realism in international relations. To be generally, I have a question their insisting contents.

Here is another interested picture about above context.



My confuse moment is here. generally speaking, ‘People power’ means union activities or progress side of political movement. According to upper picture, the house holder insist that remain side of referendum. It is need do know complex connection of usage in the discourse among the british politics.


In conclusion, people want to their voice through many kinds of way. Among these ways, Notice board is one of basic key of representation. To speaking ‘brexit’ is very sensitive agenda in the UK and it is need to carefully approaches to insisting because I’m foreigner in here. Although these sensitiveness, I hope that next society will be more generosity for other people and not controlled by intolerance and greedy things.


Lastly, this picture also represent innate of human being. Let’s feel the writer’s mind.




Cheer up – students of science….





It is first blog that writing english ever. Due to further studying english and my major, I arrived last night 02.07. 2016. It was almost 17 hours long journey that I never have been before. That day was topsy-turvy feeling and all things are nervous to me. However, I ARRIVED!


There are some pictures about next day atmosphere around campus. Unfortunately, I has still jet leg so get up too much early today. Interest thing is the sun rise time relatively then South Korea. In here, the UK, almost 5 am is sunrise time. In this reason, I walk around new campus and Earlham park that near the UEA.




In here, staffs are very kind and helping me about living dormitory and life of INTO course. It is just one day, but I hope and wish all of in here experiences are good for me and my life.

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