Big Holiday in Easter break, but

During the big holiday in the Easter break, every life is mundane and quite laziness because I have not special plan for this long holiday in the UK. Maybe, the harshness of studying abroad for the international students is no having time with this kinds of big holidays. Although there is something to do within this holidays, such as assignments and works, I am still being laziness and I do not know why I still doing like that. phwwweeee.

Last day, I bought the e-reader device, kobo aura one. it was 3rd e-reader, I bought. It si quite nice and fancy. Most of all, I satisfied with this big size penal, because previous one was relatively smaller than this and I prefer bigger one. Therefore, this spec was certainly right for me.

C8ptT-_WAAASWrB Les_Miserables1

I read Les Miserable as Korean version with my new e-reader device. During the reading, I was moving in the character of Jean Valjean due to his intimacy life. The meaning of title is ‘the poor people or miserable people’ cause the story described the socioeconomic background after the French Revolution. However, I felt that the genuine meaning of the miserable is pointing out the people who live fraud and without intimacy for their life.