Anti-Hate Attack

I have a interest about social movement as political action. Among these movements, political rally is one of my favourite research interests. Because I alway being seized with curiosity which made me to imagine the atmosphere of the Bastille de Paris, where it played an important role in the internal conflicts of the France Revolution.

One week ago, after the arson attack, the citizen of the Norwich came together and builded up the East European food store and tried to calm the family of the accident victims. In addition, there are raised a considerable amount of money for the victims. They made a hospitable community and it was a typical case of ‘solidarity’.

Today, I took part in a meeting about ‘any kinds of anti-hate attack’ especially xenophobia about migration and refugees. Along side, there are many of speakers including a human rights activist, a professor of UEA, a M.A. student who acts for LGBT, a leader of Muslim, a teacher of the Jew community, the family of food store, a women who has diverse experience about migration and a activist who manage this meeting for making appeal to city council.

For them, it was impressive that a speech of member of city council. He told that we have same homogeneity that we are the citizen of the Norwich whatever you came here yesterday or century. After that, many people cheered in unison.

I saw many of coments form the page of Korean after the Brexit but I comprehended that if there are only small group who do not surrender to frustration, the future will be better because these people are one of sources which is significant history of human beings.